Monday, April 27, 2015

Suck it up, make it better

So during this last tour we were watching a video of the previous night's show.  In the first song, I have to play the pattern don doko (right-right-left) for a long time, moderately fast, and sometimes pretty loud.  I take pride in the fact that I can do it and with nuances in where I strike on the chudaiko, variations in volume to accentuate the song, etc.

And then in the video, I'm watching myself play the two right-hand notes unevenly.  It's not quite don tsudon, which is a very common mistake, but it's not the constant I'd hoped for.

The next few concerts we played, I made sure to keep it steady.  It was more tiring; I definitely had to push my muscles to keep things going.  And I know I'll have to remind myself to keep on doing that for a while, because otherwise I'll slip into what was comfortable, which isn't the right technique.

Watching the video wasn't that damaging to my ego; I've seen myself doing worse!  But I wasn't doing something as well as I thought, and I had a choice to let it slide since no one else had an issue with it.  It meant swallowing a little pride and putting in more effort, but it also meant getting better and being satisfied that I *could* do it.

Have you watched yourself on video?  Have you noticed things that you let slide because it wasn't a big deal?  What would have happened if you pushed to make it better?  Why not find out?

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