Thursday, June 18, 2015

NATC 2015, aftermath


So the drive back from Vegas was just as long as the drive there!  The packing went pretty well but we hit a lot of traffic getting back to the hotel we stopped at on the way down.  The consolation was seeing a trio of friends also headed back from NATC who happened to stop at the same Panera we were at for dinner!

So, NATC 2015 observations:

- My first conference ever where I didn't play on taiko once.  Felt weird.

- The people I've known for years, the people that have gone to many NATC - like me - tended to be Observers rather than Participants.  How can we offer workshops that they want to take while still giving newer people plenty to choose from?

- More focus on women in taiko, both in terms of Workshop Leaders (almost 40% women, up from 30% and less in the past) and a discussion session talking about gender/women in taiko.

- A renewed appreciation for the volunteers that move things around in the heat, endure the smell of warm garbage while loading up the truck, etc.  They make everything go smoothly for everyone else!

- Hot.  Oy.

- Wishing people would ease up a bit on the drums during the jam sessions.  Yikes.

- Too many things to do, not enough time to eat/Marketplace/network/chill.  For those used to NATC, many of us know you have to skip things to make time for some of that stuff, but for those who are new, it's overwhelming and when it's over...wait, what just happened?

- Really smooth on the surface for the Participants and Workshop Leaders, which is great.  Really crazy for Volunteers.  Too bad there weren't more available!

- Had to miss the first couple of songs in Taiko Jam because we were helping consolidate our gear and needed to eat.  But the second half was amazing!

I'm sure there will be more thoughts that I'll wish I put down here, but overall, I had a good time!  I have some workshop ideas that I will submit for NATC 2017,  unique ones that have a better chance of being selected (I hope!)

A big thanks again to Elise and the Las Vegas hosting groups, the volunteers, the Workshop Leaders, and everyone who made it out there and made it happen!  Woo!

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