Monday, June 29, 2015

New Song Diary: Two songs?

On Saturday we held a brainstorming/workshop session for possible new compositions (down the line).

I brought two ideas to the group to try out on some guinea pigs, and both went well.  But now I'm thinking...wait, TWO songs?  I was having enough trouble just working on one, now I've got two in the pipe.   Smart move, Mr. Composer-man.

Still, it'll be interesting to see where things go.  One is the piece I've had for years about independent hand movement, and the other takes two ideas I couldn't develop by themselves (katsugi okedo, naname X-form) and shoves 'em together.

I'll post more on here as things happen, and there's no guarantee either will develop fully - or be performed - but at least there's momentum!

As for now, my brain needs to be off.  See you next post!

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  1. Hi -- reading back through your posts after finding your blog -- would love to see future posts about your composing process as it relates to working with the group! (Maybe you've written about this before and I'll find them as I go back in time...) Saw your performance in the circle of palms and was very interested in your process for feedback and adaptation to the space. -another tall taiko player