Monday, March 27, 2017

Notice something new

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Maybe you've been playing for a long time, or maybe you're still pretty new, but I'd like you to step back at your practices for a minute and notice something new.

Maybe you might find a piece of equipment that's taken for granted but needs repair.  Maybe you realize the same people are always cleaning something that others aren't.  Maybe you notice that there's a loose tack in one of the drums.  Or it could be something like you noticing a part of the drum head that sounds a little less lively than the parts around it.  Maybe it's even finding something you don't know the answer to, like who maintains the shime bachi or something like that.

My point here is that it's easy for any of us to take things for granted, and sometimes just the act of looking for something new reveals information that makes you more appreciative, more grateful, or even just more aware.

So, go find something new at your next practice.  See if maybe that information enhances your playing, or even your value to your group!  Worst-case scenario is you tried...  :)

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