Monday, March 13, 2017

YouTube and taiko

Going to make this one a short one, because I can't brain anymore today, ha.

Have you gone on YouTube and searched for taiko?  Not for a specific group, just taiko?  I highly recommend it.

I use this search line in YouTube's search bar: "taiko -tatsujin -osu -master".  That gets rid of most of the videogame taiko, and leaves mostly the real stuff.

It's really interesting - and eye-opening - to see what's out there.  What do taiko groups in Poland look like?  Did you even know there were taiko groups in Poland?  What are Japanese groups up to?  What about collegiate groups you've never heard of?  How are people playing the same public-domain piece your group plays?  Are they doing something different that you'd like to incorporate?  What collaborations are happening that you would never have thought about yourself?

Overall, we tend to get used to the taiko we see in our own, limited bubbles - including groups that regularly post on FB, but what else is out there?  Take a look and find out...

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