Thursday, March 30, 2017

Question Everything: Shatter the illusions

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Last post, I asked my readers to try and discover something new that might have escaped their notice.  This week, I want you to try and find something you thought was true, something that you accepted as truth or were taught as "the way", and question it.

The longer you play taiko, the harder it can be to find something new to question, but then again, sometimes the things you've been doing for the longest time are the things you don't think to question!

There are some illusions I've shattered (or have had shattered for me) in my time as a taiko player and martial artist:

- Being stronger means a louder sound/stronger hit.
- Playing/punching harder means a better sound/hit.
- The more bachi you have, the better musician you are.
- The more prominent your group, the better performer you are.
- A great player/artist makes for a great teacher.
- New people don't have anything to teach more experienced people.

With these examples as a framework, from technique to equipment to people, I'm sure you can look at your own training, your own experiences, and find something to not only question, but to also shatter and find a greater truth by doing so.

The more you question, the more potentially informed you can be.  Nothing should be sacred in this regard.  The more you hold sacred and are uncomfortable looking deep into, the more likely you have something that at best, is fluff, and at worst, causing you physical harm and/or keeping you from improving.  Truth is not always a pretty thing, but it can be tremendously enlightening and empowering.

So go shatter an illusion today.  You might find you have a taste for it!

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