Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 World Taiko Gathering workshops (shameless plug!)

This July 17th-20th in Los Angeles is the first World Taiko Gathering, a conference much like the NATC, but with a focus on bringing in participants and instructors from outside North America (as well as many from within!)

I'll be teaching a workshop called "Rhythm: From Head to Toe" which focuses on building a person's ability to process and comprehend rhythm through thinking and feeling, respectively.  There's learning through body percussion, learning how to break down rhythms in small chunks, some composition sections, and a lot of drills that can be done without taiko for long-term development.

I've done workshops on rhythm development, but this one will be different as I plan to approach rhythms in those two separate ways then bring them together.  I've been to workshops where I can't remember what I did a year later, so I'm trying to give tools and methods that people can use years down the line.

As for the rest of the workshops at WTG, some are being taught by people that have never taught a workshop in the U.S., but many by the ones in high-demand at other conferences.  Those from outside the U.S. may never get another chance to teach again, and I'm hoping to meet most, if not all of them!

I hope that my workshop fills up, and if any of you are able to make it to WTG, please find me and say hello!  (I'll probably be standing in shade if I'm outside...)

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