Friday, March 27, 2015

Fall Tour 2015: Part 3

Whew.  It's been a long few days.

On Wednesday we went back into the theater and had a pretty easy tech, since everything was already inside and the lighting went super-smoothly.  Lots of downtime to enjoy.  The theater seats about 400 and made for an intimate show, with a very receptive audience.  I had a pretty good run; nothing out of the ordinary yet solid.

We had to cut our time in the lobby after the show short to get back on stage and start the pack for Kutztown.  I personally only got a little over six hours of sleep that night and then we were on the road for about 90 minutes and loading into the new theater.  This one was rather nice, but we didn't have the same amount of downtime as in the previous one.

It was a pretty rainy day; we even had thunderstorms just before we were to go on.  Unfortunately, the weather had an impact on our show.  We were worried that people wouldn't come to the show because of the weather, but that wasn't really the case.  What did happen was that the lights were affected by a leak, and just before we were to go on for the second half, there was a pretty interesting light show on the stage that was beyond anyone's control.  Ultimately we had to do the show with the work lights on, which is just a large white coverage of the stage.  We let the audience know the problem and they seemed to sympathize with our plight.  It was no one's fault and we were still able to put on a good second half.  There was no sign from the audience that they enjoyed it any less!

It was nice to not have to pack up that night because we had a school show and a workshop after that, all in the theater.  The workshop included three groups: the Kutztown University percussion group, and two High School taiko groups, one from Leechburg and the other from Twin Valley.  I think we intimidated them a little bit, but I really hope we left them inspired.  The taiko groups had a joint concert the same night but we weren't able to make it given the distance.

One of our members is really out of it and we're hoping rest helps.  Tomorrow we send off two members and get in two fresh ones, start tech in a new theater in NY, and on Sunday we play a shorter concert.

But for now, sleep!  Zzzzzz.

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