Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Tour 2015: part 2

Feeling better, but people are fighting what's been passed on...yuck.

The concert in Huntingdon, PA, was a pretty good show.  I felt like all my solos were in the zone, despite the odd mistake here and there.  The audience was very responsive and that does wonders for our energy on stage!  The crew went above and beyond normal hospitality, giving us customized water bottles and coffee cups.

The following day was a Saturday and we drove about 4 hours to Newark, then had the rest of the weekend free.  Most of the group went into NY the next day but I wanted to rest and stumbled on an amazing comfort-food/soul-food buffet that provided one of the best meals I've ever had on a tour.  Seriously amazing food and I wish we were there longer so I could have gone back!

Monday we did a short workshop for Rutgers University, a mix of young and older kids. It was in a small auditorium and made for less of a barrier between us and the audience, which is a nice experience.  After it was over, we head back to PA to load our gear in the theater in Harrisburg.

Today, Tuesday, we had a workshop in a school for the arts, mixing dancers and musicians of high-school age.  It was interesting to see how the dancers and musicians differed in both their approach to trying taiko as well as how they fared once they started.  But we didn't stay there long , because we had a school show a few miles away for an after-school program.  Thursday will be a little painful, because we leave around 8am to drive to a new theater in Kutztown (90 mins. away), load in, and repeat the process with a concert that night.  Two shows back-to-back in two different cities is not easy and takes a toll, but we don't have to pack up that night and that helps tremendously!

But now it's time for leftovers: lobster mac and cheese!  So freaking good...

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