Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fall Tour 2015: Part 4

Let's see...

Saturday was just a day of travel to Flushing, NY, and exchanging two members with two fresh ones.  The driving was short and people were able to rest a bit.  The highlight, however, was going downtown to have dinner with four retired members of Soh Daiko for a feast at a Chinese restaurant.  The only thing better than the hospitality was getting to hang out and chat with them all for a few hours.  Thanks again for that!

On Sunday we had a 3:00 show and had to tech in early.  Even though a show may be only one-hour show instead of two, the amount of time it takes to do lighting and spiking is about the same.  The show went pretty well, even with a lighter audience.  Nice to end a show when it's still daylight, too!

We packed up afterwards and drove maybe two minutes away to another theater on the campus, to tech in for the school show on Monday.  It wasn't a late night, but it was still a pretty tiring day nonetheless.

The school show had 1,200 kids in the audience, and at first it was a bit scary because they were very...expressive.  But instead of being ornery or rude, the were just excited and they were a lot of fun to play for.

Today we're in the last theater before the Easter break/workshop tour.  I have an Uncle coming tonight with his wife who live in MA - she came to a school show we did at Dartmouth many years ago, and I haven't seen him in around...15 years or so?  Hoping for a good show to give them something to really enjoy.

Tomorrow half of us leave and the other half drive up North to Canadia for some workshops; let's hope I survive the snow!  (And moose...)

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