Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Tour 2015: Part 1

Unlike several other tours, this one started off uneventful!  No flight delays, no luggage delays, no people delays, no weather issues, and all of our equipment was at the first theater ready to go.

Actually, the only thing to deal with was (is) my cold, but I'll save that for a post when I get back.

We've had a couple of great presenters to work with so far, in the two theaters we've been in, the first in Johnstown, PA, and the second not-too-far away in Huntington, PA.  We did a concert for 3over 00 plus two school shows of 600 each in the former and the latter we play tomorrow night.

We get the weekend mostly off, just a drive to NJ.  We'll have shows there, then back in PA, then over in CT, where I'm hoping an uncle of mine comes to see the show with his wife (I haven't seen him in about 15 years, and that time I was on a 5-week tour!)

So while the last few days have been good, there haven't been any wacky adventures and things are going very well.  But who knows what might happen as the weather gets colder and things get more...Canadian?  (We're going to Canada later, dun dun DUNNN...)

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