Monday, February 8, 2016

Rolling up the sleeves...

Just a short update post today!

This week we start tour rehearsal for a 10-day trip to PA, NJ, and NC starting early March.  It's definitely shorter than the tour last year, which was 4 weeks long, but that's ok.  A month is a long time on the road!

And this rehearsing happens in the middle of our semi-annual concert rehearsals (happening mid-April), so that's three shows to prep for: tour concert, tour school show, home concert.

Some of us actually are even busier, because two weekends ago there was another collaborative concert with the Bangerz down in Southern California that took many hours in January to prep for.   And after the home concert is a 5-day run-out in May, which I'm not going on, but others are.

It's a busy schedule that pretty much eats up every Saturday through April and into May.  Then we jump right into festival season with the various matsuri and obon happening around the Bay Area.  Actually, the day after the 2-show home concert is the first festival of the year, Haru Matsuri.  Some of us are crazy enough to sign up and do it (like me), so that weekend will be lethal.  But fun!  But no, seriously, gonna die.  But fun die!

Hope to see you somewhere, either on the road or here at home.

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