Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can't win 'em all...

Busy day today, school show in the morning for a full house of kids then a concert for over 400.

The kids were great, if a bit eerily well-behaved. Before our school shows, the lights in the house will go dim to out, then the stage follows suit. The kids almost always get rowdy and noisy as this happens, as kids are wont to do. Today, the kids fell silent before the lights dimmed, and all of us backstage got a little weirded out. Apparently one of the teachers waved their hand and the other teachers did the same, resulting in the kids steady silence. Freaky, but awesome!

As for the concert, it just wasn't one of our better nights. Group brain farts abounded, the audience was more on the reserved side (and made "shhh" noises for about a minute as the second half started), and there were a total of three broken bachi during the show. Yikes! We didn't do badly, we just have had better shows. We'll have to bring it hard for the last show on Saturday, in Morristown, NJ.

People were saying, "let it slide" and "no big deal" to help people feel better about one concert on a pretty good run. But I'm actually letting myself get mad at this because I know we can do a better show - I can do a better show! I talked about this sort of thing in my blog post here. And I will end this tour on a strong note by helping the group end this tour on a strong note. Bam!

Tomorrow, a 4-5 hour drive to NJ, and that's it for the day. Drive, eat, rest. I can use that sort of day!

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