Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothing but tech

Today we did our load-in and tech at the Victoria Theater, a very nice 1100-seat theater that we'll be at for three days. It was a pretty standard tech: unloading the Budget truck, unpacking all the cases, building all the stands, tying the roped drums, then getting the lighting up. After that, we did a cue-to-cue through the concert, and also one for the school show (of which we do two tomorrow).

The picture is from our school show, where we talk about SJT's four principles. I think we play for about 2000 kids total tomorrow, plus some sort of outdoor workshop where it might rain on us...

Had some time after dinner at a pricey (but rather nice) Thai restaurant. Needing to work out some, I went to the fitness center once we returned to the hotel and learned that I'm too tall for the eliptical (?) machine. Felt like I was running hunched over. Enjoyed the weights and some shadow-sparring until I was spent.

Lots of free time tomorrow after the workshop; wonder what we'll wind up doing?

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