Friday, April 30, 2010

Times Square - (hungry * traffic) = oy!

A small group of us detoured from this morning's trip to New Jersey to drop off PJ in New York. It was "45 minutes without traffic", so that meant a three-hour round trip with traffic. The three of us who drove through NY were getting really hungry (breakfast was around 8 and it was 4 before we got lunch)! But since I had never been to NY before, and we drove straight through Times Square, at least now I have the memory of have being right where all the hoopla takes place!

Anyways, we're at a really nice hotel and have nothing until we load into the theater tomorrow morning at 9. We'll be there through the concert then pack up, and that'll be the end of Spring Tour 2010 (aside from the flight back).

I plan to bring it and bring it hard tomorrow night; leave it all on stage and limp back home. Is that a macho attitude? I'm ok with that in this case. :)

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