Sunday, April 11, 2010

First concert of the tour; no one died!

Well, we have one concert of seven behind us!

The good news is that it was an "early" evening - the show started at 6:30, not at 8:00 like most concerts do. Got a lot of cobwebs out (hopefully) but anything we had an issue with was really stuff that only affected us - the audience got a really good show with a lot of energy. And they were a very warm crowd; by the 2nd song they were enjoying themselves and wound up clapping after solos in other songs (always a bonus)!

My debut playing the kulintang in front of an audience went well. No mistakes or mis-hits, and although we were going at a pretty decent tempo, I nailed the tricky ending perfectly. In fact, I literally told myself right before the ending came up, that "you are NOT going to mess this up, you are going to nail this!" I'm glad I listened to myself. :)

I was watching some episodes of Fight Quest today during down time, a show about two American fighters who travel to train in different styles around the world and get pummeled quite a bit. It's been giving me inspiration on stage and ideas for future blog posts when I return.

As for tomorrow, we're going back to the theater to do two school shows, but we found out the presenters were billing it as a concert-type being the flexible group we are, we're going to modify the first half of our concert and play that for the kids. Should work out just fine. After that, we pack up and load out! It'll be an easy and slow couple of days after the shows, which will suit us juuuuust fine.

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  1. Congrats on getting the first one done!