Friday, April 16, 2010

Never let them see you...sweat?

Long, good day. Started with a school show this morning, easily over 1,000. Pretty well-behaved, too - sometimes they get rowdy, but we can always out-volume them. :)

Before the concert started, Kaji Daiko, the collegiate group at the University of Northern Iowa (where we were playing), put on a 30-minute performance. I'm hearing some of them came backstage after the show; but I didn't see/meet anyone so I could be wrong.

The concert was very popular, with over 1400 pre-sold tickets! As for how it went, well...there were some lighting issues, mostly noticeable by us. I'm not exactly sure what was behind it all, even now that it's over!

I had brain-farts-o'plenty, again, hardly noticeable by the audience, but compounding on each previous one. Almost lost it on the ending of the kulintang song but held it together well enough. Again, the difference between an A- and a B+, and mostly frustrating just to me! Still, I had two options as things felt worse and worse: let it show, or put out even more ki. I chose the latter, so even when the mental flatulence hit, I made sure all the audience saw was a performer giving even more energy out there. Mind you, lots of sweat and volume can't hide a major mistake, but none of those came my way. :)

Tomorrow, off to Milwaukee for a concert on Sunday night. I may not blog tomorrow night if there's nothing to talk about, but you never know...can't hurt to check back, right?


  1. Way to power through. Safe travels.

  2. Enjoying these behind-the-scenes updates. Drum on.